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American Wireline was founded in 2014 by Markus Trillsch and Karl Demaree II. American Wireline specializes in H.D.D. Services and Steering Technology. It has grown from one steering engineer to now having four full time steering engineers, as well as supplying various items pertaining to the Horizontal Directional Drilling industry. American Wireline is known for its flawless steering and contracted by the biggest H.D.D. companies in the industry.

American Wireline has built its reputation on being the company that can complete the hardest bores whether drilling with motors in some of the hardest ground conditions to successfully completing bores that are all curve with large radiuses and very tight limitations. American Wireline is your one stop shop for Steering services, Drill Bits, Reamers, Motors and Copper Wire/Coil.

It doesn’t stop there, American Wireline is also working day and night innovating new steering tools and technologies that can help H.D.D. companies with more accurate drilling, quicker turnaround times, and cost saving practices. Stay tuned for more updates. Call TODAY for a special Introductory First Bore Rate !!

Meet The founders


Markus has many years of experience in sales, marketing, product development and distribution. Markus has created several Multi-Million-dollar companies across various industries. He was one of the founding members of Torchlight Energy, a full-on oil exploration and oil well drilling company.

He helped Torchlight Energy raise millions in capital in its early stages before becoming a publicly traded company on the American Stock Exchange.


Karl has over 20 years’ experience in the H.D.D. industry. Karl has worked and understands every single position on an H.D.D. rig. He understands every aspect of Horizontal Directional Drilling from point A to B. Karl is known as being one of the best steering engineers in our industry. Karl has successfully completed 1000’s of bores worldwide. Specializes in very technical bores requiring motors and very tight radius curves. Karl is known by some of the largest H.D.D. companies as the guy that can ace any bore. Karl does it all, from drilling, steering, surveying, and designing bore profiles.